Ciala manuka honey birdnest drink

俏兒樂麦卢卡蜂蜜燕窝 Ciala Manuka Honey Birds Nest Drink



Ready to drink Edible Birdnest with Manuka Honey.

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    Enjoy the Traditional Health & Wellness benefits of Birds Nest, now ready to drink at anytime in support of your busy lifestyle.

    Ciala™ premium quality Birds Nest is trusted by loyal customers across Australia. The Birds Nest of choice for health & wellbeing, beautiful skin, connective healing, clarity & focus.

    Ciala’s traditional herbal recipe has been past through the generations, now made in Australia with Manuka Honey to enhance the flavour with a delicious natural sweetness. You and your family will not be disappointed with generous servings of perfectly textured Birds Nest in every glass.

    Tip: Try Ciala Birds Nest for breakfast with fresh milk – it’s delicious!



    俏兒樂麦卢卡蜂蜜燕窝,是融合了相传几代的止咳消炎祖传秘方再加入麦卢卡蜂蜜而制成的。天然药草蜂蜜口味与浓稠的燕窝结合起来,口感味道绝不让你 失望。请选择俏兒樂燕窝产品,为你和家人的美丽健康人生铺路吧!


    Chemical & Additive Free


    No Preservatives


    成分 | Ingredients

    25% | New Zealand Manuka Honey
    水分 70% | Water
    燕窩 5%  |Ciala Raw Clean Bird’s Nest

     Made in Australia

    Ciala Manuka Honey Birds Nest Drink Nutrition Information | 营养成分 *

    Serving per Jar: 1
    Serving Size: 100g

    Ave. Quantity per Serve / 100g
    Energy 91 kcal / 382 kj
    Protein 3.78 g
    Total Carbohydrate 18.94 g
      – Sugars 14.25 g
    Total Fat 0g
    Fiber 0g
    Sodium 34.94 mg
    Gluten 0g
    Iron 7 mg
    Copper 0.7mg
    Sialic Acid 0.45 g

    *Nutrient contents may vary slightly from batch to batch depending on the raw ingredients.

    Connective healing, energy & clarity

    Edible Bird’s Nest is a traditional food delicacy highly valued for its health benefits. Listed in the Ancient Chinese Compendium of Materia Medica, Edible Bird’s Nest is traditionally used to make Birdnest soup renowned to replenish strength, support immunity, revitalise energy and maintain healthy skin. Edible Bird’s Nest contains natural Glycoprotein* which is believed to have a prominent role in our biological system. It helps maintain healthy cells and assist in cellular repair and the formation of connective tissues. Glycoprotein* may improve digestion and help maintain a functional immune system.

    * refer to sialic acid on the nutrition information panel.

    幫助正常細胞間相互溝通, 維持器官和免疫系統的運作。


    符合國際食品安全管理標準,燕窩清洗過程通過 ISO 22000:2005 食品安全審核及認證,確保您食得安心又健康。

    Ciala’s Edible Birdnest is sourced from ethical suppliers who comply with Good Animal Husbandry Practice Standards (GAHP MS 2273:2012). This ensures that birds are free range, not contained, and can raise their young freely until they leave the nests, before the nests are harvested for meticulous cleaning. The high quality production of Ciala’s Raw Clean Edible Birds Nest is certified by ISO 22000:2005. No chemicals, no bleaching practices, and no food additives are used in Ciala’s Raw Clean Edible Bird’s Nest.

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    1 review for 俏兒樂麦卢卡蜂蜜燕窝 Ciala Manuka Honey Birds Nest Drink

      Marie Chan 27 February , 2017

      I just received my first order of 6 bottles and I am so pleased as every jar is completely full of birdnest. The texture and flavour is delicious. Thank you, I will be ordering again.

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