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    Connective healing, energy & clarity

    Edible Bird’s Nest is a precious food delicacy highly valued for its health benefits. Listed in the Ancient Chinese Compendium of Materia Medica, Edible Bird’s Nest is traditionally used to make Birdnest soup renowned to replenish strength, support immunity, revitalise energy and maintain healthy skin. Edible Bird’s Nest contains natural Glycoprotein* which is believed to have a prominent role in our biological system. It helps maintain healthy cells and assist in cellular repair and the formation of connective tissues. Glycoprotein* may improve digestion and help maintain a functional immune system.

    * refer to sialic acid on the nutrition information panel.

    幫助正常細胞間相互溝通, 維持器官和免疫系統的運作。


    符合國際食品安全管理標準,燕窩清洗過程通過 ISO 22000:2005 食品安全審核及認證,確保您食得安心又健康。

    Made in Malaysia from quality local ingredient.
    马来西亚产品 由精心挑选优质毛燕所制成

    Ciala’s Edible Bird’s Nest is sourced from ethical suppliers who comply with Good Animal Husbandry Practice Standards (GAHP MS 2273:2012). This ensures that birds are free range, not contained, and can raise their young freely until they leave the nests, before the nests are harvested for meticulous cleaning. The high quality production of Ciala’s Edible Bird’s Nest is certified by ISO 22000:2005. No chemicals, no bleaching practices, and no food additives are used in Ciala’s Edible Bird’s Nest.

    Chemical & Additive Free


    No Preservatives


    Gluten Free


    Ethically Farmed 


    成分 | Ingredients

    燕窩 85% | Edible Bird’s Nest 85%
    水分 15% | Moisture 15%


    1. 首先,把10克的燕窩加入大量的水覆盖浸泡至鬆軟。至少2个小时以上。
    2. 加入800-1000毫升的水进陶瓷炖锅并煮开。将浸泡好的燕窩濾乾,倒入煮開的800-1000毫升的水。
    3. 盖上锅盖,以中小火燉煮大約60-80分鐘。可加藥材如泡參、枸杞子與紅棗入锅内继续燉煮至少40分钟以上直到燕窝软化入味。然後依個人喜好加入冰糖,待冰糖溶解后大約五分鐘後,關火即可享用。

    Nutrition Information | 营养成分

    Serving Size: 10g

    Ave. Quantity per Serve per 100g
    Energy 34.8 kcal 348.1 kcal
    145.7 kj 1456.6 kj
    Protein 6.7g 66.6g
    Total Carbohydrate 2g 20.4g
      -Sugars 0g 0g
    Total Fat 0g 0g
    Fiber 0g 0g
    Sodium 0.4mg 3.6mg
    Gluten 0g 0g
    *Sialic Acid 0.5g 5g

    Intended use | 用途

    Bird’s Nest must be soaked and cooked before consumption.

    Cooking Instructions

    1. Immerse 10g of bird’s nest in plenty of water & ensure it is covered by water for a minimum 2 hours until soft & fully expanded.
    2. Boil 800 -1000ml of water in a separate pot. Drain the soaked bird’s nest & add to the boiling pot.
    3. Reduce to low-medium heat & cover with a lid to continue stewing. After 60 – 80mins add in Chinese herbs such as American ginseng, goji & red dates & stew for at least 40 mins until the bird’s nest is a transparent & soft jelly. Then add rock sugar according to your taste & turn off the heat once the rock sugar is completely dissolved.
    4. Serve within 4 hours or refrigerate the bird’s nest soup for later consumption.
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