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Connective healing, energy & clarity
Contains Natural

Chemical & Additive Free

No Preservatives

Gluten Free

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Ready to drink birdnest australia
Ready to Eat Birdnest with Rock Sugar – 10 Jar Gift Box
Home of Swiftlets birdnest with rock sugar
燕窩 Yan wo Ciala edible birds nest product bowl shape birds nest
燕窩燕盞 Ciala Edible Birdnest Bowl Shape
$195.00$750.00 Select options
Ciala edible birds nest product large segments birds nest
燕窩燕瓣 Ciala Edible Birdnest Large Segments
$252.00 Select options
Ciala edible birds nest product strips of birds nest
燕窩燕條 Ciala Edible Birdnest Strips
$230.00$550.00 Select options

Quality Assurance You Can Trust

Australian Quarantine Import Approved

Ciala Raw Clean Bird’s Nest is imported with an Australian Customs and Quarantine Import Permit insuring all health standards are met.  Australia has one of the strictest Quarantine practices in the world. The Ciala team are professionals in the business of Edible Bird’s Nest production and importation and are dedicated to quality assurance and your health & safety.

ISO 22000 UKAS Certification

ISO Certification UKAS 22000:2005 Production

Ciala Raw Clean Bird’s Nest is cleaned and produced in our exclusive industry leading facility with international standards of production, hygiene, and safety. Our customers are more than welcome to learn about our facility with complete transparency. OurRaw Clean Raw Clean Bird’s Nest facility in Malaysia is open for viewing by the public for education and tourism. Please contact us and we will be pleased to provide details and arrange a tour.

VMP, HACCP, GMP, Halal for Edible Birds Nest

Ethical Free Range Bird’s Nest Ranching

Ciala’s Raw Clean Bird’s Nest is sourced from an ethical supplier who complies with Good Animal Husbandry Practice Standards (GAHP MS 2273:2012). This ensures that birds are free range, not contained, and can raise their young freely until they leave the nests, before the nests are harvested for meticulous cleaning.

Sialic Acid Laboratory Report
Sialic Acid Laboratory Report

Contains Natural Glycoprotein

Connective healing, energy and clarity.

Chemical & Additive Free

No Preservatives

Gluten Free

ALS Microbiological Lab Report

Ciala Raw Clean Edible Bird’s Nest is routinely tested by certified independent laboratories to ensure health standards are met and no harmful microbiological elements are present in export ready Raw Clean Birds Nest. Edible Birds Nest is also has natural Antibiotic properties.

ciala edible birdnest microbiological report

CHEMLAB Chemical Lab Report

To ensure that Ciala Raw Clean Bird’s Nest is chemical free it is routinely tested by certified independent laboratories to ensure no harmful chemicals are present. Chemical toxins in Edible Birds Nest are a major concern to be aware of when you buy Edible Birds Nest in Australia.

Ciala Birdnest test report

CHEMLAB Suphlur Dioxide Lab Report

Ciala Raw Clean Bird’s Nest is routinely tested by certified independent laboratories to ensure no sulphur dioxide is present in the export ready Raw Clean Edible Birds Nest. To protect the health of your family, please ensure you check for certification before you buy edible birds nest in Australia.


Ciala's Premium ISO Birdnest Production Facility

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