Buy Edible Birds Nest Australia online with quality assurance your can trust. Ciala Edible Bird Nest Australia sources premium Edible Birdnest from Malaysia where standards are strictly enforced for the export of Edible Birdnest. Ciala’s production certifications and Edible Birds Nest quality control provide absolute peace-of-mind for customers who wish to Buy Edible Birds Nest in Australia.

Having an ISO Certified processing plant gives Ciala Edible Birds Nest Australia the benefit of supplying authentic and pure edible birds nests. This gives customers the  opportunity to Buy Edible Birdnest Australia online at very affordable prices. The production of Ciala’s Edible Birds Nest exceeds industry expectations:

  • International ISO Certification of production of Edible Birds Nest – UKAS ISO 22000:2005
  • HACCP Certificaton of Edible Birds Nest for Food Safety Assurance System
  • GAHP MS 2273:2012 Certification of Good Animal Husbandry Practice for Edible Birds Nest
  • GMP Certification for Food Safety of Edible Birds Nest
  • Malaysian Halal Certification for Edible Birds Nest

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Buy Edible Birds Nest Australia online

Buy Edible Birds Nest Australia online at

Buy Edible Birds Nest in Australia for Connective Healing, Energy & Clarity

Edible Bird’s Nest is a delicacy highly valued for its health benefits. Listed in the Ancient Chinese Compendium of Materia Medica, Edible Bird’s Nest is traditionally enjoyed as birds nest soup and believed to help with health and nutrition to replenish strength, support immunity, revitalise energy and maintain healthy skin. Edible Bird’s Nest contains natural Glycoprotein which is believed to have a prominent role in our biological system. It helps maintain healthy cells and assist in cellular repair and the formation of connective tissues. Glycoprotein may improve digestion and help maintain a functional immune system.