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The authenticity and high quality of swiftlet nests are sought by consumers who wish to benefit confidently from the healing effects of Edible Bird’s Nest. Ciala’s source and quality is assured and it is our companies fundamental purpose to provide absolute peace-of-mind for our customers.

Having our own ISO Certified processing plant also give us the benefit of supplying authentic and pure bird’s nests to you at very affordable prices. The production of Ciala’s Edible Bird’s Nest exceeds industry expectations to deliver premium, natural nests to international standards.

  • UKAS ISO 22000:2005 – International Certification
  • Food Safety Assurance System – HACCP Certificaton
  • Good Animal Husbandry Practice – GAHP MS 2273:2012 Certification
  • Food Safety – GMP Certification
  • Halal Malaysia Certification