Buying Edible Bird’s Nest in Australia is not as straight forward as in Asia. There are very few retailers which physically sell birds nest. You can visit Traditional Chinese stores and some small retailers in the China Town and Asian community centres of our major cities, however it is very challenging to know whether the nests for sale are genuine or from a quality supplier. It is never clear if the edible birds nests are truly free of chemicals and impurities.

Remember: Just because edible bird’s nest is available for sale in Australia does not mean it has past the strict Australian Quarantine Inspection requirements that are critical to ensure your health and safety. The nests could have been illegally imported.

Obtaining an Australian import permit for Edible Bird’s Nest requires the proven quality assurance dedication and expertise of the Bird’s Nest supplier and importer.  Only a handful of companies have obtained an official Australian Department of Agriculture import permit for edible birds nest importation.

Edible Bird’s Nest is a food traditionally believed to replenish strength, support immunity, revitalise energy and maintain healthy skin. Bird’s Nest contains Glycoprotein which plays a pivotal role in our biological systems. The diverse functions of Glycoprotein include enabling connectivity and communication between cells and up regulates tight junction membrane proteins, which may help to; promote memory function, strengthen the immune system, and nourish the growth and maintenance of healthy skin.

When you purchase edible bird’s nest you should be assured that you will be consuming pure, clean and impurity free edible bird’s nest from a ethical and certified source. Despite large seizures in recent years at Australian airport customs and quarantine, undiscovered illegal importation of edible birds nest continues in Australia. Illegally imported nests may pose health and bio security risks to you and to the Australian environment and agriculture industry.

Consuming edible bird’s nests that are improperly cleaned or have been cleaned with chemical bleaching practices may result in poisoning your body by eating harmful toxic chemicals such as unsafe levels of ammonia, nitrite, sulphites, mercury and bleaching agent residue. Suppliers that use unsafe methods risk your health and destroy the nutritional benefit of their edible birds nest in order to reduce labour costs and increase their profits.

To ensure your health and the quality of your purchase, always look for production certifications. The only way to be sure of the quality and purity of the edible birds nest you purchase is to buy from a company that provides you with complete transparency of their swiftlet ranching and birds nest cleaning and production facility. Their facility must have achieved accreditation of International ISO standards.

Ciala is a premium retailer of Edible Bird’s Nest imported with an Australian Customs and Quarantine Import Permit insuring health standards are met. What sets Ciala apart is that Ciala is the only Australian importer and supplier of Edible Bird’s Nest known to provide ISO Certification UKAS 22000:2005 production standard certification for edible birds nest. Furthermore, Ciala’s production of Raw Clean Edible Bird’s Nest is traceable and Ciala’s supplier has also met the stringent certifications of Malaysian Good Animal Husbandry Practice Standards (GAHP MS 2273:2012), Veterinary Health Mark (VHM), and Malaysian Halal for Edible Bird’s Nest.

Ciala provides full transparency of their bird’s nest processing methods. The public is able to witness and gain full insight into each process step by observing through a tempered glass wall, and can have peace of mind knowing that the bird’s nest products are produced in a facility that meets international hygiene standards.

Ciala Edible Bird’s Nest is available for purchase online at